50 Seasons Strong

3. Program Cover 1966It really shouldn’t have worked at all: a group of 12 college students from Lawrence, Kansas, starting a theatre company some 700 miles away in Creede, Colorado.

The year was 1966 and the goal was to bring more tourists to town. Mines were declining and the town desperately needed another source of revenue. A young minister who loved theatre, convinced the Creede Jaycees that summer stock was just what the town needed and surely some college students would find the challenge irresistible. They didn’t have much to offer: an old opera house and $32 in the bank.

Even co-founder, Steve Grossman admits, “The first time we looked at the old opera house, it seemed impossible. It was decrepit, holes in the wall, seats broken.”

Lost in Translation.



His name is Elias. A week ago today he came to our medical clinic in La Campina, the village where he lives in the Dominican Republic. His patient card listed his problems: headache, dizziness, stomach ache, shoulder pain and weight loss. It also said he stopped taking his blood pressure medicine a week ago. His blood pressure was 204/100. I thought it had to be a mistake. We took it three times and the numbers never moved.

People, places and names.


We called ourselves “Team Julian”, a tribute to the lone male guest in our core group of travelers on G Adventure’s “Best of Patagonia” trip. Julian is from England and he’s traveling around the world. Some of us are jealous.

Hace viento, mucho, mucho, viento!

_MG_5538Let me suggest the soundtrack. Yes, a little somber spanish guitar, but the overriding sound you need to imagine while looking at the slides that follow is the wind: a loud, powerful, constant wind. A wind that will force you to squat and hold on to rocks while crawling up to a vantage point for a photo. A wind that will pull a perfectly good tent from its stakes and send it flying over the campground to a cold goodnight in the bay.

La Aventura

Wordpress Argentina H 10It is easy to understand when you look at the rolling horizon of Patagonia why this is a land of legends.

Fresh Start

Thanks for watching this humble video. Think of it as a Valentine someone made you as a child. There was no fancy equipment used in its production–just a lot of important images, wonderful memories and love.

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Next adventure: the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.

Hot, windy and dangerous.

Creede is a place where you can sit on your porch and watch the sun set on valleys that are miles away. The end of daylight often turns the peaks a soft shade of pink. The Rio Grande river looks like liquid silver on the edge of town when the light fades. That’s not the case this week.

Standing with Giants in Paradise.

They would never call themselves “giants”. Though these people stood very tall over the last 50 years. They have more vertical feet on the planet than most and some impressive firsts.

Red Shoes and Rattlesnakes.

You never know what some people will take home as souvenirs.

Eight Hundred Pesos.


Eight hundred pesos is about $20 U.S. It’s a fortune for Leopordina Mojica who lives in a rural community known as Batey Bejucal who needs to get to a hospital for a CT scan.