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Some of you may remember this blog began as Little Red Notebook, a project I started in 2012 as I headed out to work on a documentary about the first man to summit Mount Everest twice. That project was a love fest. I loved working with my dear friend Mele Mason. I loved meeting families and friends of Nawang Gombu, the subject of the movie. I loved traveling in the Indian Himalayas.


I’ve gone on to make 3 other documentaries and completed some commercial work. I’m pretty obsessed with the genre, so if you see one you like, please let me know. I’ve been attending Telluride’s Mountainfilm documentary festival since 2002. It’s my annual booster shot to continue the hard work of making these movies.

I occasionally carry a little red notebook like the one a friend gave me for Christmas when this adventure began. It’s joined by black notebooks, reporter notebooks, scraps of paper I find in my backpack, anything I can get my hands on when an idea strikes. And yes, my eyes are still wide open in awe of this amazing space we call home and the people who make it mostly wonderful.

Happy trails!



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