Taking stock and moving ahead.

There’s something about the changing of the seasons that forces me to stand still and think. Looking back, we’ve had an amazing summer that started with screenings of “Five Years After,” a documentary follow up about the largest wild land fire in Colorado history. Yes, there was smoke in the Rio Grande Valley again this summer, fires in Durango, California and New Mexico sent their clouds to our corner of southwest Colorado, but it was nothing like 2013. We are so thankful. That’s mostly what “Five Years After” is about, gratitude, resilience and moving on. The last chance to see the movie on a big screen is this Thursday at the Kansas International Film Festival. (Look for Local Shorts#2, at www.kansasfilm.com, if you’d like to buy a ticket.) I’ll be posting some pics from my current projects next week and watch this space for information about online screening opportunities in the weeks to come. O.K. now I’m going outside and stand still and think. The sun is finally out in Kansas City after about 2 weeks of rain. Temperatures are in the 60’s, the color of the sky is deep blue and the world feels brand new. (Below: screening at The Ruth Theatre in Creede, Colorado. Photo by John Gary Brown.)

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