They looked like snow floating on dark water. At 65 miles an hour a cautious glance is all that’s possible unless you pull over. I saw them on a trip last week to pick up mom in rural Missouri. I cross two branches of the Truman Lake on the way to her house. There are always birds there, but this time of year, the earliest travelers are gearing up to go. This week it was pelicans and blue-tipped snow geese, huddled against the tree stumps in shallow water. They’ll soon be joined by Canada Geese, Osprey and yes, Bald Eagles.

We’re soaring with the eagles for the next month. Our short documentary, “Soaring Back: Message to the Future,” will be screened at 3 film festivals and a Lawrence Wildlife Center. Check out the poster above and see if any of these fit your schedule. We’d love to see you there!

*The Kansas International Film Festival held at the Glenwood Theatre at 95th & Mission, will be showing “Soaring Back” in a block of shorts on Saturday afternoon, November 4th starting at 2:50. Here is their link to buy tickets.



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