50 Seasons Strong

3. Program Cover 1966It really shouldn’t have worked at all: a group of 12 college students from Lawrence, Kansas, starting a theatre company some 700 miles away in Creede, Colorado.

The year was 1966 and the goal was to bring more tourists to town. Mines were declining and the town desperately needed another source of revenue. A young minister who loved theatre, convinced the Creede Jaycees that summer stock was just what the town needed and surely some college students would find the challenge irresistible. They didn’t have much to offer: an old opera house and $32 in the bank.

Even co-founder, Steve Grossman admits, “The first time we looked at the old opera house, it seemed impossible. It was decrepit, holes in the wall, seats broken.”

And yet, with the help of the Creede Jaycees and just about everyone in town, it succeeded. This summer the Creede Repertory Theatre is celebrating its 50th season. It has a national reputation for excellence. It sells over 20,000 tickets for performances in Creede and has outreach programs that entertain thousands of young people in a three state area.

Members of the original 1966 company, along with many other alums, Creede business owners and patrons talk about this amazing accomplishment in a new documentary, “50 Seasons Strong.” The movie follows the stories of the original cast to current company members. It looks at the spirit that drove the company forward and honors the people who helped make the impossible, possible.

The debut screening will be July 21st and 22nd at the Main Stage Theatre in Creede. For more information visit creederep.com

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