La Aventura

Wordpress Argentina H 10It is easy to understand when you look at the rolling horizon of Patagonia why this is a land of legends.

Hike to improbable peaks, stand on the edge of a turquoise lake that looks like the Caribbean washed inland or listen to some of the local folklore. Was Patagonia a hiding place for Hitler and other Nazis? Were James Ryan (Butch Cassidy) and Harry Place (the Sundance kid) notorious robbers of a South American bank, or respected ranchers who raised livestock in Cholila? Not to mention stories about the Tehuelche Indians who were described by Magellan’s Italian writer as giants with “enormous feet.” (Patagones is spanish slang for “big foots”.)
The real magic for me has been in discovering the natural wonders around every corner.

I’m dividing my photos and posts into 3 parts. The first is Buenos Aires to El Chalten. Images include a visit to the Recoleta, an enormous cemetery that includes Eva Peron’s family vault, a few dances at a Sunday afternoon tango salon, our arrival from the Patagonian steppe to a small climbing town where our first big hiking adventure began–24 kilometers, 14 miles, 9 hours on the trail. And finally, ice trekking on the Veidma Glacier.


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