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Taking stock and moving ahead.

There’s something about the changing of the seasons that forces me to stand still and think. Looking back, we’ve had an amazing summer that started with screenings of “Five Years After,” a documentary follow up about the largest… Read More


  We’d just rounded the curve from Wagon Wheel gap, when we looked into the cloud of blowing snow and saw them, a brown streak moving in a pasture near Wason Ranch. It was a herd of elk–29… Read More


They looked like snow floating on dark water. At 65 miles an hour a cautious glance is all that’s possible unless you pull over. I saw them on a trip last week to pick up mom in rural… Read More

Hatching a Plan.

It all started with our grandson, Simon. We’d heard from friends in Lawrence about the great “Eagle Days” event hosted at Free State High School. Steve and I were really interested in going, but what about him? It turned out the… Read More

Chasing Gold

We are getting ready to return to the West. We’re headed to desert, then mountains this time. We know it’s been a very LONG winter for people living year round in our little corner of Southwest Colorado. I… Read More

Fire and Nice.

NICE. We are enjoying an incredible spring in the Kansas City area. Warm days and plenty of rain brought early blossoms and high pollen counts. We’ll take it. Trees are fully leafed out, lilac, peonies and violets are… Read More

Mini Movies

  I have a business card that describes me as “Obsessed with Video.” It’s true. Over the years I’ve made a series of Mini Movies on an app on my iPhone. They were meant to be keepsakes for… Read More

Unlikely Princess.

The ammo belt should’ve been their first clue. Then again, history would suggest that royalty is always ready to defend itself. It’s the first Halloween I can remember. I must’ve been around four because I still had long… Read More

Grinter Farms Sunflowers

What an amazing thing the folks at Grinter Farms in Lawrence, Kansas have done for all of us. Every year they plant 40 acres of sunflowers for people to photograph, wander and enjoy. We got up before the… Read More

Seeing the light.

It’s funny how losing focus makes some things easier to see. For two years an eye specialist has been monitoring my vision to see if a small problem was growing worse. Thankfully, it’s not, but for my final… Read More